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investorsWe operate online stores since 2010. Our primary business is based on hair products. Back in 2010 we succeeded to sell thousands of professional hair brushes like Jean-Pierre, ISINIS and DENMAN. We discovered that people have hard time to find professional hair brushes like the Jean-Pierre one. Knowing this fact we established this store.

Jean-Pierre hair brushes are hand made in France using completely restored equipments but the same since 6 generation. Recently the company brought back the same 10 professional hair brushes using the original packaging. No doubt all this make a Jean-Pierre hair brush a unique piece to take care of your hair.

We do carry the DENMAN hair brush which is more than well-established. Those hair brushes are able to penetrate any thick hair while gently brushing it. Amazing durability and premium selection of materials also make this hair brush to the top list

Enjoy the high quality hair brushes we offer and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments to share. Sincerely, Hair Brush Solution Team.

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